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Routine Truck Maintenance Tips For A Good Performance

Your truck is your cherished property. It helps you in several ways. While you will naturally love your truck, it is important that you do the regular maintenance chores on your companion so that you get the best performance out of it and also make sure you and others are safe on the road. Also, the basic maintenance tips will help bring down the overall repair costs and down and prevent seeing the truck breakdown during a crucial moment rather unexpectedly.



The basic maintenance of your ruck must be done before you start every trip. The regular check you will have to do includes checking the tires, turn signals, lights, and also the hazard flashes to make sure they are all working well. You must carefully note if there are any warning signals and noises that are unusual.


Aspects of regular truck maintenance
Regular truck maintenance on a proactive basis is the best way to bring down the operating costs. This can avoid sudden mechanical breakdowns when you are on the move. Such breakdowns can give way to expensive Georgia heavy truck repair and force a big hassle on you. Hence the importance of regular and routine maintenance of your truck cannot be overstated. Preventive maintenance can be done depending on time and mileage. You must check the vehicle manual to understand what the manufacturer recommends for maintenance. You must pay exclusive attention to the following.


Inspect the tires regularly to see if they are properly inflated and can meet the DOT standards for tread depth. When there is an atmospheric temperature drop, tire pressure can change. This can risk fuel economy and also lead to failure when the truck is moving at high speeds. If the tires are underinflated, there can be an uneven weight distribution resulting in problems with the alignment, traction, framework, braking and steering.


The aspects you must focus while inspecting breaks include stopping performance, air system performance and adjustment.


Steering system
While checking the working of the steering, look for any excessive wheel play which can indicate there is something wrong with the system.


Check the battery age well before the start of a cold or hot season. You must make sure that the battery is secured properly and the connections are intact and tight. This can prevent any malfunctions. If the battery life has exceeded 72 months, it is advisable to change the battery for a new one.


Mirrors and lights
While checking the mirrors, make sure you can operate them and they are clean to enable a clear view.


Check inside
Check the temperature control units and temperature monitoring devices to see if they are accurate and calibrated properly. Inspect refrigeration air delivery chutes for any rips, tears or damages. Properly inspect the insulation. Keep the floor grooves free of any debris, holes and cracks.